Mollini | Bilaro Tan Leather Suede Ankle Boots


Bilaro Tan Leather Suede Ankle Boots by Mollini. 

 Up your style game with these leather ankle boots from Mollini. Showing off an elongated elastic gusset, BILARO is a modern design that goes with just about anything.

Material Leather
Elasticated Gusset With Functional Side Zip
Medium Heel


Always measure your feet wearing socks unless the style is made to be worn with bare feet. Use your largest foot to take the measurement, and if unsure, measure both and use the larger measurement.

What you’ll need: A ruler or tape measure, a pen and a blank piece of paper (A4 or larger)

Place the short end of the paper against a wall. Place your largest foot on the paper with your heel against the wall, so that your heel is equal with the edge of the paper.

Without moving your foot, use the pen to mark where your longest toe ends. Step off the paper.

Using your ruler or tape measure, measure from the edge of the paper to the line you have drawn. You can now use this measurement to determine your shoe size.

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