MA Dainty


$198.50 $399.00

Harrip & Co welcomes the Check Acorn blazer from M.A. Dainty with a gorgeous gold zip down the back and a beautiful floral lining. This blazing is stunning and luxurious.  A unique and distinctive piece designed to be a fashion statement. This wardrobe piece will surely bring your style and warmth to the next level. 



A woman of the world, M.A. Dainty documented her travels, shopping adventures, and photographs in daily journals that now fill The Box, home of the M.A. Dainty label. Aimed at dressing you in something unique and of standout quality, M.A. Dainty delivers new products every month, adapting and responding to an ever-changing and exciting market. M.A. Dainty’s collections are wearable daywear, to be loved and fit into any wardrobe. The team at M.A. Dainty is passionate about using natural fibres where they can, as well as beautiful fabrics.


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